Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I've been cartooning since the fifth grade. Nearly 4260 readers have seen my political cartoons week in the Mapleton PRESS in western Iowa since 2006. I also post all kinds of cartoons at http://tedstoons.blogspot.com every week, from the absurd to the inane, there's something for almost everybody, from simply cute and funny, to social, religious, and philosophical commentary.

You can publish mal•toons in your newsletter, magazine of newspaper for just $10 a cartoon per issue. I'll even haggle with you for churches, educational institutions or non-profits. Or, if there's a cartoon you'd like a print of, pick one for just $5.

I'd love for a major syndicate to pick me up one of these days, but until then, self-syndication starts here. I'm not above customizing a cartoon just for you, your joke, your theme, your issue, maybe even your caricature, just let me know. Custom jobs do cost extra.

See TONS of cartoons, or even consider joining my mal•toons group on Facebook

See a new editorial cartoon every Thursday on my cartoon blog

This Fall, I'm starting to mail out cartoons to syndicates and newspapers- wish me luck!

See the PDF of Editorial cartoons that I'm sending out.

See the PDF of the 'Maladjusted' and some other cartoons that I'm sending out.

See the PDF of Columns that I'm sending out.

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