Thursday, July 24, 2008

Student Portrait Rates

Don't have a lot of bucks, but you want to get your pictures done for a gift, for your team or club, best buddies, or maybe even Senior Pictures.?

Let's talk. I can even supercharge your portraits with text or some special effects just like the pros.

2008 Rates:
$25 initial "sitting" under 90 minutes, $10 per hour after 90min

$10 for a CD or $30 for prints and a CD. Additional charges for multiple copies.

We'll negotiate on orders or orders with an excessive amount of alterations and customizations.

THAT is DIRT CHEAP. If you can't afford a swank studio with lots of overhead, but you don't want to settle for having your friend take your picture with their phone and running off copies on a computer printer that runs out of ink, think. Think malcom.

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